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Armored fiber optic patch cables

An armored fiber patch cable is a special kind of fiber jumper, which is constructed with a helical stainless steel tape over a buffered fiber surrounded by a layer of aramid and stainless steel mesh with an outer jacket of plastics like polyethylene to protect it against solvents and abrasions. Armored fiber patch cable, just as the name indicates, is […]

Information about Pigtails.

Fiber optic Pigtails is a fiber optic cable that has an optical connector using one conclusion and a length of exposed fiber on the other end. The connection side is used to link the equipment, as the other side is melted collectively with fiber optic wire. A Fiber optic Pigtails is single, short, usually tight-buffered. The technology of optical fiber fusion splicer […]

Armored fiber cable.

Armored fiber cable, just as the name indicates, is made with robust connectors and a stainless steel armored flexible tube inside the outer jacket, which acts as an effective protection against rodent, moisture and other issues that may cause the damage Armored fiber cable serves as a member of the patch cable family, thus it retains all the features […]

Information about Armored fiber optic patch cable

Fiber Optic Patch cable used to connect one optical device to another for signal routing. Armored fiber optic patch cables retain all the features of standard patch cords, but are much stronger. Armored fiber optic patch cables will not get damaged even if stepped by an adult and they are rodent-resistant. By using an Armored fiber optic patch cable you don’t need to worry about […]