Information about Armored fiber optic patch cable


Fiber Optic Patch cable used to connect one optical device to another for signal routing. Armored fiber optic patch cables retain all the features of standard patch cords, but are much stronger. Armored fiber optic patch cables will not get damaged even if stepped by an adult and they are rodent-resistant. By using an Armored fiber optic patch cable you don’t need to worry about rodents like rats that may bite the cables.

Armored fiber optic patch cables are strong; they are actually as flexible as standard fiber optic patch cords. Armored fiber optic patch cords are made a with the similar outer diameter to standard patch cords, make them both space saving and strong. What’s more, they can be made with different jacket colors and jacket types such as OFNR etc. Armored fiber optic patch cords can be made with LC, SC, FC, ST, LC/APC, SC/APC, FC/APC and other types of connectors.

UNISOLTM can deliver customised Armored fiber optic patch cabled for Industrial applications & Rodent protection as per requirement. Unisol offers a huge selection of Armored fiber optic patch cables designed for harsh environments. These cables resist damage and environmental factors such as rodents chewing on cables. Even with the steel armor, these cables remain flexible and are able to bend randomly. We offer armored cables in any configuration, with any connector types, cable modes, and lengths.