Information about Pigtails.


Fiber optic Pigtails is a fiber optic cable that has an optical connector using one conclusion and a length of exposed fiber on the other end. The connection side is used to link the equipment, as the other side is melted collectively with fiber optic wire. A Fiber optic Pigtails is single, short, usually tight-buffered. The technology of optical fiber fusion splicer can be used during the process which can lower the installation loss, that is, the end of the pigtail is stripped and combination spliced to one fiber of a multi-fiber trunk. Splicing of pigtails to each fiber in the trunk “break out” the multi-fiber cable into its component fibers for connection to the ending equipment.

Fiber optic Pigtails can have female or male connectors. Although single-fiber solution exists, female fittings could be mounted in a patch panel, often in pairs. In this way, they can be linked to endpoints or other dietary fiber runs with patch fibers. In addition, male connectors can be used to plug directly into an optical transceiver.

UNISOL provides an extensive line of high-performance fiber assemblies. All assemblies are fully inheritable with any standard coupling adapter products and deliver high stability under a range of application conditions. Fiber optic Pigtails are designed to comply with Telecordia GR-326 CORE standards for performance and reliability.