Armored fiber cable.


Armored fiber cable, just as the name indicates, is made with robust connectors and a stainless steel armored flexible tube inside the outer jacket, which acts as an effective protection against rodent, moisture and other issues that may cause the damage

Armored fiber cable serves as a member of the patch cable family, thus it retains all the features of standard patch cables. However, comparing with those common patch cables, Armored fiber cables are much stronger and tougher. For example, once stepped by an adult, standard patch cables may get damaged easily and fail to work normally. But things are totally different with armored patch cables which can withstand the strength and perform well. Besides, armored patch cables are rodent-resistant, that means as long as armored patch cables are employed in applications or systems, you don’t need to worry about rats biting the cables any longer.

The Types of fiber optic armored cable

There exist two types of fiber optic armored cable, namely, indoor armored fiber patch cable and outdoor Armored fiber cable.

Armored fibe cable used for indoor applications often consists of tight-buffered or loose-buffered optical fibers, strengths members and an inner jacket. The inner jacket is commonly surrounded by a spirally wrapped interlocking metal tap armor.

Outdoor fiber optic armored cable is made to ensure operation safety of the fiber in the complicated outdoor environment. Most Outdoor Armored fibe cables are loose buffer design, with the strength member in the middle of the whole cable, loose tubes surround the central strength member.


  • Data center
  • Central Offices
  • Industrial plants
  • Indore Premise Networks