Clarify about Outdoor Pole mount Racks?

UNISOL Outdoor Pole Mount Enclosure provides a high-density pole-mounted solution for outdoor application in fiber-optic networks. Pole Mount Enclosure manages fiber optic cable termination and protects fiber splices, passive adapters, and connectors in a limited space in Fiber to the Building network. Pole Mount Enclosure is for optical fiber fixation, fusion, and patching on the pole.With over two […]

Indoor Wall / Floor mount Racks and its features?

UNISOL has been manufacturing cabinets for Indoor and IP Rating Outdoor applications. Unisol has a long experience in product development of telecom, networking & industrial applications. This broad-based experience has been fundamental to the development of a wide range of integrated outdoor/indoor Standard Cabinets & Customized enclosure systems For Different Segments including Smart City Projects, Safe City Projects, Private […]

Use of 24 port Wall mount termination box

Unisol  24 port Wall mount termination box/LIU are designed to support fusion splicing or direct termination of the fibers. This modular enclosure provides cross-connect and interconnect capabilities for splicing and terminating outdoor cables & FTTH drop cables in fiber access network. Our Wall mounts fiber patch panels are made with 16-gauge mild steel with corrosion-resistant seven tank process powder […]