Clarify about Outdoor Pole mount Racks?


UNISOL Outdoor Pole Mount Enclosure provides a high-density pole-mounted solution for outdoor application in fiber-optic networks. Pole Mount Enclosure manages fiber optic cable termination and protects fiber splices, passive adapters, and connectors in a limited space in Fiber to the Building network. Pole Mount Enclosure is for optical fiber fixation, fusion, and patching on the pole.With over two decades of experience, Unisol has developed a wide range of integrated outdoor Standard Cabinets & Customized enclosure systems For Different Segments including Smart City Projects, Safe City Projects, Private & Public Sector Surveillance Projects, IT-Telecom Projects, Police & Army Projects.

These cabinets are available in Pole mount options with IP54, IP55, IP65 Range. These cabinets are sealed up-to IP55- IP65 to suit customers’ specific equipment, including fiber management, Additional essential features protect against the dangers of dust, humidity, rain, moisture, and physical attack.


  • Cable clamping and strength member fixation system
  • Suitable for outdoor cable and FTTh drop cable
  • Magnetic locking system
  • protect against the dangers of dust, humidity, rain, moisture and physical attack
  • Protection is provided from the suns heat using double-wall technology,
  • Reducing these threats can eliminate hot spots and condensation
  • decreasing the failure of sensitive communications or other electronic equipment.


  • Used in Smart Cities & ITMS Projects,
  • Communication base station, such as the 4G system
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • City Surveillance, Traffic Monitoring,
  • Fiber Termination and defense Projects