Indoor Wall / Floor mount Racks applications

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Unisol Wall Mounted Network Racks are useful for housing networking equipment. The front panel has a hardened glass door to view the equipment inside clearly and also has a lock to ensure physical security. Common sizes available in Wall Mounted Network Racks are 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U. Unisol Racks are manufactured with the highest quality standards. The standard for Racks will be fully welded frame with integrated side panel and Associated Front & Back Metal Door with 3 Point lock & Key and provision to mount racks on Floor.Available from 6U to 42U Variants with 600 & 800 Width and 600~800 Depth configurations.


  • Telecommunications
  • Data Centers
  • Security Surveillance Applications
  • Office Environments
  • Server and comms rooms
  • Internet service providers and many more applications…

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