Information about fiber optic attenuator.


fiber optic attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal. It can be adopted in both free space and in an optical fiber. Besides, to employ a fiber optic attenuator in single-mode long-haul application contributes to decreasing the chance of optical overload at the receiver.

fiber optic attenuator works efficiently to reduce the power of the signal. Optical attenuators usually function by absorbing the light, that resembles sunglasses absorb extra light energy. There exists a working wavelength range in which they absorb the light energy equally. They should not reflect the light since that could cause unwanted back reflection in the fiber system.

fiber optic attenuatorare used to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another device in an optical circuit. Attenuators are available in 1310nm to 1550nm wave lengths. The optical attenuator is a male to female configuration and connectorized with an FC, SC/APC, ST, PC, LC, UPC, MU, FC/APC, SC, LC/APC, fixed value plug type fiber optic attenuators, inline fiber optic attenuators, variable fiber optic attenuators.

we supply two types fiber optic attenuators, fixed fiber attenuators refer to the attenuator that can reduce the power of fiber light at a fixed value loss. The other type is adjustable fiber optic attenuator refer to the attenuator that can generate an adjustable Loss to the fiber optic link. We supply fiber attenuator series include SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, SC/APC, FC/APC, single mode fiber optic attenuator and multimode fiber optic attenuator available.