How do we consider 12 port Micro Din rail patch panel


Unisol 12 port Micro Din rail patch panel is designed to support fusion splicing or direct termination of the fibers. Because of its compact and ruggedly designed case, it is suitable for industrial applications. A device includes a splice tray for fusion splicing. This 12 port Micro Din rail patch panel is suitable for mounting in DIN Rail panels where there are space constraints inside PLC’s and also suitable for CCTV & surveillance applications.

Micro Din rail patch panel is compact in size and can be mounted in a cabinet with other din rail equipment. Din Rail mount enclosures keep the patching in close proximity to the active equipment it serves and minimises cable management in the cabinet.

Din rail patch panel solve many of the problems installers and integrator have faced when trying to adapt a conventional fiber optic patch panel for use in power, control, SCADA and industrial cabinets.

Din rail mounted fiber patch panel is used in manufacturing industries to connect plant floor assets to a central control network requires a robust network. 12 port Micro Din rail patch panel can be loaded with a variety of adapters like ST, SC, FC and LC. It can support up to 12 ports when fully loaded with adapters.