Standard Rackmount sliding fiber patch panel

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Standard Rackmount sliding fiber patch panel provide cross-connect and interconnect capabilities for splicing & terminating OFC cables, pigtails in fiber access network. Sliding splice enclosures in data cabinets are available pre-loaded with any connector interface required. These 19-inch Fiber enclosures are ideal for high-density LAN interconnect or cross-connect patching.


The standard Rackmount sliding fiber patch panel is designed with innovative features that make installation and troubleshooting of fiber optic connectivity faster, more comfortable and more cost-effective.Rackmount sliding patch panel contains three parts, the compartment that allows trunk cable and includes splice trays for fusion splicing which accommodates splice protection sleeves and space for excess fiber and pigtail routing, the slide-out tray that holds 2 adapter panels which gives access to quick patching. The Fiber spool provides minimum bend radius, and the splice tray offers protection for splice joint. Unisol sliding patch panel is suitable for easy pull-in & pull-out to manage interior of fiber LIU.


Standard Rackmount sliding fiber patch panels are fabricated with advanced manufacturing process using Robust steel/aluminum construction with seven tank process pretreatment and surface electrostatic spray technique powder coating, which ensures the highest level of protection for sensitive components inside the enclosure and increases corrosion resistance from harsh environmental conditions. Multi-port cable entries allow greater flexibility and provide an extensive range of fiber management systems.


Standard Rackmount sliding series enclosures integrate three primary functions, fiber splicing, cable winding & storing and interface management. These sliding patch panels are suitable for smooth pull-in & pull-out to manage interior of the fiber-fiber patch panel. Rackmount sliding patch panel has innovative features that make installation and troubleshooting of fiber optic connectivity faster, more comfortable and more cost-effective.


Standard Rackmount sliding fiber patch panels are used in Power Systems & Controls, Data Centers, Central Office(FTTx), Telecommunication networks, Security surveillance.


Standard Rackmount sliding fiber patch panel plays a crucial role in the field of fiber communication network in the Central offices (FTTx), Telecommunications with greater safety and versatility. It is a good option because it can help you to organize and connect the fiber optic links, and it can protect the cables from damage. Rackmount series of enclosures are the perfect choice for terminating fiber data cables where more fiber links are required in the Datacenters. Rackmount sliding patch panels are available in 1U2U, 4U and 6U size with 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 96 and 144 ports.

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