Information about PLC Splitter


PLC Splitter (Planar light-wave circuit splitter) is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical Waveguide technology. A PLC is a micro-optical component based on planar lightwave circuit technology and provides a low-cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability. PLC splitters have high-quality performance, such as low insertion loss, low PDL, high return loss, etc. The splitter can be designed for a specific wavelength or works with wavelengths (from 1260nm to 1620nm) commonly used in optical transmission.

The Structure of PLC splitters

Internal Structure:

The following figure shows Internal Structure of PLC splitter. The optical fiber light signal is split into 32 outputs. PLC chip is made of silica glass embedded with an optical waveguide. The waveguide has three branches of optical channels. When the light guided through the channels, it is equally divided into multiple lights (up to 64) and transmitted via output ports.

Outside Configuration:

Bare splitter is the basic component of PLC fiber splitter. For better protection of the fragile fiber and optimized use, PLC splitters are often equipped with the loose tube, connector and covering the box. PLC splitters are made in several different configurations, including ABS, LGX box, Mini Plug-in type, 1U Rackmount, etc. For example, 1RU rack mount PLC splitter (as shown in the figure below) is designed for high-density fiber optical distribution networks. It can provide superb optical performance and fast installation. This splitter is pre-assembled and fibers are terminated with SC connectors. It’s ready for immediate installation.

Applications of PLC splitter:

  • Fiber Optical Communication Systems
  • Optical Fiber CATV
  • Passive Optical Network (PON)
  • Fiber Optic Amplifiers
  • Fiber Optic Access Networks/LAN
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Optical Fiber Sensor
  • GPON & FTTH Applications


With the development of CATV and Fiber to the Home, GPON technology is growing rapidly in the industry. Passive Optical Network system is most popular and cost-effective solution to transmitting video, voice and high-speed data in a single cable. PLC splitters play a key role in the distribution of triple play signals through optical fiber cables. Unsol PLC splitter is manufactured and tested for high performance and fast installation.