Why Din rail mounted patch panel?


Micro Din rail mounted patch panel can support up to  6-12 ports when fully loaded with the adapters. patch panel can be loaded with a variety of adapters like ST, SC, FC and LC. Din rail enclosure is compact in size and can be mounted in a cabinet with other din rail equipment. Din Rail mount enclosures keep the patching in close proximity to the active equipment it serves and minimises cable management in the cabinet.

The Unisol Nano Din rail mounted patch panel is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications. The industrial design makes it highly suited for use in Machine Building, Transportation, Alternative Power Generation, Power Transportation & Distribution and Oil & Gas markets as well as more general use in the enterprise, buildings and other applications.

Din rail mounted patch panels are used in CCTV traffic monitoring, toll systems and environmental monitoring equipment where these can be secured in small wayside cabinet backplane or side panel.