Overview of Wall mount fiber patch panel.

UNISOL’s wall mount interconnects enclosure provides a convenient convergence point for interconnect/cross connect or splicing in wall mount applications. The fiber patch panel features a well-engineered solution for fiber and cable management on both the ingress and egress openings of the enclosure. Robust steel construction ensures the highest level of protection for sensitive components inside the enclosure & aluminium casting hinges mounted from outside eliminate possible fiber pinch points when installing or servicing components within. Double hinged type single door is keyed differently to maintain security for the Network and Distribution sides of the termination fiber patch panels.

Unisol wall mount fiber patch panel adds an extra element of security and reliability to your network system. A multi port cable entries allow greater flexibility for integrating practically any network component.

We offer a wide range of wall mount fiber patch panels including pre-loaded wall mount accessories. These enclosures can be customised with the fiber type, connector type and connections you need and offer up to 96 ports.

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